Why are my books unique?

My books are fresh, and crisp. They teach good healthy values, love, respect and ‘old time’ manners.

They have multi-level depth, meaning: Every book has an educational value. I call them ‘Fun Facts’ that teach our young readers about certain aspects of the book.

My trademark, ‘Flitten Fairytails’, a small winged fairy cat who is peppered throughout the books,  joins in on the fun with the children.  Children love to search for her.

Wolfgang Lost His Whistle is my most unique book yet. Not only do I share the ‘Fun Facts’ and the ‘Flitten’ search in the content, but this book was published in Haiti. It’s my first book that I have illustrated. Not having fancy tools, every page is hand drawn and is slightly different. In the United States, the story rhymes, but does not when translated into creole. This book is bilingual, so our children can learn about their culture.

This book is my gift to them.  Fifty percent of the book sales from this book will go back to the children of Haiti. I hope that someday I can see the faces of these beautiful children as they read my final product.

I enjoyed writing and illustrating Wolfgang Lost His Whistle immensely, that I am thinking of turning the book into a series.