Why write childrens books for Haiti?

Through social media, a former co-worker from decades ago in St. Paul, MN reached out to me after noticing that I write children’s books.

Since his retirement, his church have been actively involved helping the people of Haiti through their non-profit organization: HaloLearning.Org. Ron Moore set up a publishing company in Haiti to employ 350 Haitians. The children of Haiti, (some quite older) literally have no access to books.

Besides donating copies of T’s Adventures on Bear Paw Ridge, I began to think about writing a story for these children, specifically and dabble into my first illustrating project.

I fell in love with illustrating as much as writing. With a little research I created “Wolfgang Lost His Whistle“- A Christmas story for the children of Haiti, as well as the children here in the states.

“Wolfgang Lost His Whistle ” is now in Haiti, being published. This story belongs to the children of Haiti. It is my gift to them. After published, I will sell on this website – 50% of all sales will go back to Haiti.