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Flitten visiting Santa and Mrs. Claus at Mama Cakes in Westfield Ma

Flitten will be at Mama Cakes in Westfield, MA, on Saturday, December 22 at noon!  Flitten will visit Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus is planning to read Flitten Fairytails newest book, Wolfgang Lost His Whistle.  A Christmas story about Haiti.  Flitten will also have the T’s Adventure series.  All for sale, first editions and signed and dedicated.  Plus, we have FLITTENS for sale now.  Last minute stocking stuffers!  Come see everyone and have some fun!

Westfield Farmers Market and Craft Show

Grandma B. and Flitten Fairytails will be at the Westfield Farmers and Craft market this Saturday, December, 8th from 10 AM to 3:00 PM.  We will be at the Church of the Atonement at 36 Court Street, Westfield.  Plenty of parking in the church parking lot.  Music by Whiskey Traveller and Gary Kotros.  Farm products and craft items from 18 different vendors.

We hope you will come and join us for books, food, music, Flittens and stocking stuffers.

Christmas Time 2018 – EVENTS

Grandma B. and Flitten Fairytails will be extremely busy this season.  FINALLY, “Wolfgang Lost His Whistle – A Christmas book for the Children of Haiti” if finished and in print.  We have limited copies for the next two weeks, but enough to give a book reading at the Blandford Country Store on December 15th, 2018 at 12:00 PM.  Grandma B. with all her Flittens will give free book readings for Wolfgang as well as T’s Adventure series.  Plenty of stocking stuffers and books, Flittens for sale.  Come and visit us for your last minute shopping needs and GREAT READINGS!  

April 21, Articulture2018 – Church of Atonement

Grandma B, and Flitten Fairytails will be at the Church of Atonement in Westfield, MA on Saturday, April 21st. for Articulture2018. Local Author, Rhonda Boulette will have artwork as well as books, and previews to her new “Wolfgang” series. Flitten Fairytails certainly hopes you can stop by. 10 AM until 7:00 PM.

Grandma B. will be reading at the Russell Public Library

Flitten Fairytails and Grandma B. have been invited to read the T’s Adventures on Bear Paw Ridge books on June 30th, a Friday at 6:00 PM at the Russell Library, Russell, MA. We are really excited about this event. After reading book one and book two, we can have question and answer time, book signings and dedications and if the child would like, a hand stamp to wear home with either a Flitten Fairy Kitten or the character’s in T’s Adventures.

We hope you can come out and read with us. It will be a very nice event.

June 8th Flitten Fairytails and Grandma B Reading

Thursday, June 8th, Flitten Fairytails and Grandma B will be reading in Westfield at the Franklin Avenue School. We are so happy to be able to visit these children and answer their questions and of course read “T’s Adventures on Bear Paw Ridge” books one and two.