About Flitten Fairytails

About Flitten Fairytails

I am an artist, author and illustrator of children’s books.  I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and have had plenty of long winters to work with my craft.  Without formal training of any kind, my love to doodle, draw, paint and write poems was a constant part of my childhood.

I married and moved to New England in 1995.  My husband and I built our dream home in Blandford, Massachusetts in 2010.  Because black bears are our frequent visitors,  we lovingly named our home “Bear Paw Ridge.”  Our serene environment with all the precious wild life, fueled my creative side even more.

My love of all felines, big and small, combined with being intrigued with fairies, “Flitten Fairytails” evolved, and is my way of expressing my crafts and creative efforts.  I will share with you my children’s books and a variety of artwork.   I hope you enjoy my website…   Hugs, Rhonda Boulette, Grandma B.

My Inspiration For Writing

When our first Grandson was born, I decided to write him a baby story about our family, Grandpa Grumpy Pants, Tristan and I on Bear Paw Ridge, and the fun we have when we babysit.  I wanted to share our most precious memories on our early times together.

I fell in love with rhyming all over again, and began writing.  My little story to Tristan, ‘T’ blossomed into a series of four, with more to come, as ‘T’ became a big brother recently.

The series named, “T’s” Adventures on Bear Paw Ridge” came to life, with four books in the first series.

My Goals as an Author/Illustrator

As a local author/illustrator/artist living in New England, my goal is to fill every child’s home with love, dreams, confidence, healthy values, and a desire to hold a book in their little hands and truly enjoy reading.

T's Adventures - Illustrator

Artist Barbara Jendrysik is a native of Parma Heights, Ohio and earned her Bachelor of Science from Kent State University and her Master of Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She spent many years living overseas and working in the field of nutrition and dietetics.  During this time she had the opportunity to study painting in Casablanca, Rome, New Delhi and the United States.

Barb moved to Longboat Key, Florida, when her husband retired in 1997.  It was then that she decided to pursue her lifelong interest in painting.  She studied painting for many years with Leona Sherwood, her next door neighbor, who taught at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts.

Barb’s art is described as whimsical, fun art, often capturing people in her paintings.  She paints in acrylic and oil and is known for her portraits and large-sized figure paintings.

This is the fourth children’s book she has illustrated.  Other books include Welcome to Grandma’s Farm by Nell Rude, Ashley’s Diary by Barbara Hansen and the books in this series T’s Adventures on Bear Paw Ridge by Rhonda Boulette.

You can see more of Barbara’s artwork by contacting her at:  jendrysik@aol.com