About Flitten Fairytails

 I am an artist, author and illustrator of children’s books.  I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and have had plenty of long winters to work with my craft.  Without formal training of any kind, my love to doodle, draw, paint and write poems was a constant part of my childhood.

I married and moved to New England in 1995.  My husband and I built our dream home in Blandford, Massachusetts in 2010.  Because black bears are our frequent visitors,  we lovingly named our home “Bear Paw Ridge.”  Our serene environment with all the precious wild life, fueled my creative side even more.

My love of all felines, big and small, combined with being intrigued with fairies, “Flitten Fairytails” evolved, and is my way of expressing my crafts and creative efforts.  I will share with you my children’s books and a variety of artwork.   I hope you enjoy my website…   Hugs, Rhonda Boulette, Grandma B.

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